Thoughts From Scolaw

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rights vs. Non-Rights

The rights we are afforded under the Bill of Rights, and our Constitution, have been slowly eroded away by this administration. No longer can we count on conducting a personal conversation on the telephone. Our government has decided that spying on its own citizens is instrumental in defeating terrorism. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Mr. President, we are not the enemy. The enemy resides in mudshacks, caves, and delapidated wood structures in the Middle East. They consist of runabouts, wanderers, warriors of Islam, who are promised 72 Virgin women in their Kingdom of Martyrs'. They are of one mind; bent on changing the way the world thinks. They spread fear, which in turn leads to mass spending on the governments part to hopefully prevent another attack on our shores.

But, to lend a hand in taking away from US citizens the right to make a phone call without so much as a warrant to do so borders on the line of illegality. The same goes for the internet. We, as citizens of the US, have the right to speak freely, from the heart, about any subject we darn well please. So what if the message we speak or write about runs counter to what your belief is. It is still our right. Stop and think: Government runs daily going against the wishes of the majority of people. Why should it be different from us? Who made you the Supreme leader of the Masses, doing as you please though against popular opinion?

To say that I am fed-up with this government is an understatement! Intrusion into our lives, while holding the veil of secrecy into their lives, is wrong. Cheney needs to come clean about who EXACTLY was the beneficiary of writing the energy policies of our Nation. "Kenny Boy" Lay WAS involved, and now that he is a convicted felon because of greed and under-handed tactics to assure investors that all was well when it wasn't, the whole picture should be shown to the public. Billions of dollars were lost by two men at the top of Enron, but I hear no pity in their words to explain their actions towards those that worked for them, who lost every bit of their retirement funds. They have the RIGHT to know why they were wronged, and should be compensated for their losses by Mr. Lay and Mr. Skilling.

Now, we hear cries from Congress that Rep. Jefferson D-LA, had his RIGHTS taken away by an "illegal" search and seizure by the FBI into criminal wrong-doing on his part. Dennis Hastert has gone as far as corrobarating with Mrs. Pelosi into saying this was wrong of the FBI to conduct a search of a congressman or womens' office in the Capitol. Astonishing! Republicans have done nothing but shutout Democrats for the past 6 years, yet when it comes down to a search into the inner-workings of their offices, they should be held above the law? Keep dreaming, Mr. Hastert.

I am a Democrat, and hold myself to high standards. I expect nothing less than our elected officials to act ethically, morally, and in accordance with the law. To me it doesn't matter whether you are Democrat or Republican. If you do wrong, and get caught doing wrong, then you should pay the price for doing wrong. NOT one single member is immune from the Arm of The Law. Their RIGHTS are no more damaged than ours are. Our RIGHTS are trampled on by these same people who effectively have lived above the law for too long.

It is time for punishment, and it starts in November. To me, there are only two people worthy of continuing their presence in the daily hagglings of congress: Senator Russ Feingold and Rep. John Murtha. The rest of them can go about living their daily lives at home! They have become lost in Corporate handouts, and likewise have returned the favor. Feingold and Murtha have demonstrated the message America was sending to DC, to abolish taking our rights away and bringing our troops home from Iraq, which is long overdue. It takes a brave heart to standup to the Powers-That-Be, and these two have been vocal, whereas silence is heard from the halls of the Capitol.

Incumbents, beware! You are hereby put on notice that your time in DC is running out! Your pandering to the lobbying world has not gone unnoticed. We are aware of where your money comes from. We know exactly where Corporate hands lend their beneficial ways while screwing the little guys. You have shut the voters out of every decision, piece of legislation or bill that has come your way. Now, our RIGHT to hold an election to hold to the fire your reputation and misdeeds is but a few short months away. OUR voices will be heard, loud and clear! My suggestion to you, as a member of congress, is to start packing now. November can't come soon enough!