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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The End of An Enigma

Playing on the Political Field has always brought about a flurry of high powered wanna-be's who are destined to rule every aspect of our daily lives. Just as in any game, there will always be winners, and there will always be losers. To be on the winning side, a person must be willing to step on anyone who even dares to get in the way, whether they are friend or foe.

Along with the grasp for the almighty power, ones ethics come into play. You either choose to abide by the rules of the game, or you cheat your way towards the goal line. Those who choose to win at all cost will lie, steal, bribe, partake in illegal mannerisms all while smiling to you. It is such a world of hypocrisy and fakeness that ultimately fools a person into a stupor. It is the brainwashing of the sheep that choose to follow, rather than lead their own paths.

So, it is with great pleasure that the news of Tom Delay stepping down from the ranks of the Republican Party is finally heard. Mr. Delay has carried the Republicans for many years now, and with his high ranking fanagling of the rules, he alone has cast a huge cloud of doubt onto politics. No doubt that the biggest scandal to hit DC in awhile has ensnared Mr. Delay and a large number of his associates and friends. It was time to hit the panic button, as his tribulations of deceit are being played out in Texas courtrooms.

It is said that "absolute power brings corruption, absolute". No words ring more true than these. This bunch of Republicans in DC have overstayed their welcome, with nearly 12 years of reigning over the Capital. In those years, we have gone from everyone working together, to a near desertion of casual conversation. No longer can anything get done on the floor without some form of bickering or backstabbing. This is not how our house is supposed to run.

To Mr. Delay, I say good riddance. It is my sincerest wish that you get everything that is coming to you. You call yourself a Christian, but your actions have been far from Christian-like. My wish for you is to spend the rest of your natural life behind bars with the rest of your kind, and in the end, we all know who will give you the final judgement. The best you can do is apologize to those you have stepped on, but don't expect much forgiveness. With these words, I pronounce the end of an enigma.


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