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Thursday, March 02, 2006

What Is Going On?

In my haste to decipher all the news, I feel it is time to let the feelings that have cluttered my brain be known. Being a news and C-Span junkie, the thoughts on Americans minds are real, as are mine. Debating the issues becomes useless if we all agree on the same thing, so I have decided to conduct myself accordingly, and put my words where my mouth (or fingers ) are.

I make no bones about it: I highly detest the Bush Administration. In my opinion, they have been the most corrupt, power-hungry, misleading bunch of fools that have raped the American way of life. From tax cuts for the upper one percent of Americans to the latest news of bypassing procedure and allowing a foreign country to takeover 6 ports on our shores, truly shows the incompetence that fifty-one percent of Americans supposedly voted for.

I say supposedly voted for because there is ample proof of voter irregularities and voting machines with no paper trail to backup a recount vote. We have been enslaved to the comforting words of "trust us", as if we are to believe anything the Bush says. I don't buy into it, but there are so many sheep that follow the leader, and they are blinded by looking at the same view. I choose to think for myself, and make up my own mind.

I guess you could say I am a rebel. Authority has never meant much to me. It is totally seperate from respect for one. Thinking about this, I am reminded of a great song by John Cougar Mellencamp, in which he states " When I fight authority, authority always wins." His words ring true. Authority will always win if we allow it to happen. But, who is to say authority is always right? There have been numerous times during the past 5 years when authority has not been right, nor have we been told the truth. In this case, respect for authority has been blown out of the water. I do not respect liars, bullies, or rubberstampers.

So, where do we go from here? Why do we allow authority to rule our lives as if we needed baby-sat everyday of our lives? People, we must live our own lives, believe in what we believe in, and break this curse of our Government intruding into our daily lives. We are not under the spell of Dictators yet, but if things continue down the path they are headed, that may very well be the outcome. We must NOT allow that to happen! Take a stand! Control your destiny!........ Good Day.


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