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Friday, March 24, 2006

Oops.... I Did It Again

A common ailment that is treatable, is the ever-deadly foot-in-mouth disease. Some have found that a few behavioral changes will decrease the amount of times we find our sneakers being latched onto by our teeth. It is rather embarrassing to go around in public this way, so one would think that everyone could find the antidote. Not so for some.

When I need a laugh, I need to look no further than watching Snicker Bush try to put a sentence together. Since he was selected to be our President, thanks to PaPa Bush and his friends on the Supreme Court, we have had the chance to listen to many foul-ups by this man. It is a continuous beep on the Laughometer.

I'm sure we all have, at one time or another, had the embarrassment of saying some strange or maybe ugly comments to someone. Things that you wonder to yourself afterwards as to how such a thing could possibly come out of your mouth. I know I have, plenty of times. The most common way to put your foot in your mouth is to speak before you think. Not having a clue what you are about to say usually leads to a highly incoherent sentence. Enter Snicker Bush.

Snicker Bush doesn't have the mental fortitude to say anything meaningful. I mean, come on man, he has an IQ in the 80's. And yet people who fell for his Holy Righteousness, a uniter not a divider type attitude, overlooked the fact that he lacks brain power. When God was handing out brains, Snicker Bush thought he said trains, and apparently he missed it. What a shame.

Snicker Bush could have done something good with his life. Unfortunately, he chose the road to screw-up everything he touched. Busted oil companies. Shady business deals. Insider trading. Buddies with Saudi terrorists. The list goes on and on. There are so many that it would take many pages to fit it all in.

In closing, a few words of advice for Snicker Bush. You need to start reading books instead of looking at the pictures. Pickup a dictionary and learn a new word everyday. Catch up on the latest news facts rather than the fake speeches someone writes for you. Most of all, THINK before you speak. This will sharply decrease the idiocy we hear from you daily.


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