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Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Endless Circle

Proof that this Congress has no problem with spending money it doesn't have was laid before us on Friday. Republicans pushed through yet another bill which raises the debt limit. Raising the cap on this limit has been raised twice by this Congress, which is an extraordinary feat in itself. Never before in our history has this been done by any Congress.

Spending is one thing. Spending without the funds available, all the while pushing tax-cuts for the wealthy and cutting the funds for needed services such as Medicare and childrens services is downright idiotic. Republicans have shown they have no intestinal fortitude to curb their wreckless habits of throwing money to the wind.

The ones who lose are the normal taxpayers such as you and I. What we see is an all-out war against the Middle Class and the poor. The ones who can least afford any cuts in services are exactly the ones getting hammered. The Republican Party has lost its ways. We clearly see that corporate interest trumps ordinary people, and for this, Republicans will pay dearly come November at the polls.

People in the US have tired of seeing the harm this Congress and the President have caused. The Snicker Bush's numbers are at an all-time low, with only 36% approving of the job he is doing. That is according to one poll. Another poll shows him doing worse, with only a 33 % approval rating. I took a poll in my household. Bush, nor Congress, fared very well, with a 100% disapproval rating. Not good for them.

So what will happen next? Ultimately the Democrats will takeover both houses of Congress this year, as Conservatives have jumped ship. What will follow is anybody's guess, but one thing is sure: Taxes will have to be raised to offset the terrible shape our economic future will be in. This is the way our Government has to work. It always happens. It is an endless circle we have become accustomed to seeing. Republicans play stupid with the money, Democrats come behind them to sweepup the mess.

During this "war on terror", we have not been asked to sacrifice a single thing, which by most standards, we would gladly do. This administration, and Congress, have sacrificed alot. They have sacrificed our national security, sacrificed our economy, sacrificed our standing in the world and most disgusting of all, they have sacrificed the lives of our military and the poor. So, we will forever be stuck inside the walls of this circle, unless WE do something about it. Come November, vote with your heart. If you like where we are headed into the future, and don't mind passing the debt onto your kids and grandkids, by all means, vote Republican. If you want change, a brighter future for everyone, and a fix to the madness, then you need look no further than the Democratic Party. I know I am looking forward to the good days ahead.


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