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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dubai Or Not Dubai?

Here we go again. Distractions one after the other to spin away from the pressing problems the Bush Regime is having on a daily basis. Only now, we are seeing it used more and more. Why? Because this administration has ran out of so-called "political capital" which they thought was acquired after the rigged 2004 elections.

Every move this "president" makes brings on the revelations that show just how incompetent this administration is. CIA leak, spun around to reorganizing Social Security. When this didn't go over well with America, it was back to the "War on Terror", which by all accounts, is pretty much in the toilet because of poor planning. But, the culprits in the WH merry-go-rounded it to throw blinders over the sheep and force them to believe that all was well.

Along comes the Jack Abramhoff scandal, which has turned into a political fiasco, bringing with it a few disgraced Republicans that will forever be shunned from politics. But wait, this is bad news. They can't allow the media to stick on this story. This would mean bad press for them. Hey, let's try feeding the masses a few lies about how well we did with the Hurricane Katrina debacle. Oops, they found the video that shows that we indeed knew about the levees could possibly be breeched. Lie some more, this has become common practice with this administration.

Well, they tried to sneak the sale of our ports to a foreign country, a Government that actually supports terror by funneling money to terrorists and allows transfers of cargo containing parts to nuclear armament. Absolutely brilliant, Mr. Bush! Gee, we are so lucky to have a President that cares so much for its own citizens! But it doesn't stop there. NO, now he wants full authority to line item veto spending bills chocked full of "pork barrell funds" for every state. Having not vetoed one single spending bill in his 5 years as President, why start now? He had plenty of chances before now to curb spending, yet he chose to turn a blind-eye and let this Republican led Congress to send our deficits ballooning into oblivion.

What is on the horizon we don't know. This secretive White House will not succumb to pressure from the outside (meaning you and I), and will try to get away with just about anything. It is up to us, the VOTERS, to rid Washington DC of this cloud of secrecy. Sure, they can't be re-elected (Thank God), but the I word is being used more these days. I stands for Impeachment, which this administration is deserving of. Repeat to yourself, " I will, with all my power, take a stand against this administration, and get involved to demand Impeachment of George W. Bush and Richard "Dick" Cheney." The World will thank us for it!!


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