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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Does Illegal Mean Illegal Anymore?

The fight over immigration is heating up in Washington. The Republican party is torn between backing their Snicker Bush and winning votes come election time. Now, the Democrats have joined in. The realization that comes with 5 years of doing absolutely nothing together towards inclusion seems far-fetched, but it is happening.

So what does this mean for us? For one, both sides, including Snicker Bush, want an amnesty program in effect so that the illegal immigrants who are already in America can continue to take American jobs and make those that hire the illegal workers a little more richer. The evidence is clear. Look at any construction site, lawncare company, poultry plants, and you will see the picture perfectly.

The media showed us on Friday, when hundreds of thousands of illegal and legal immigrants took to the streets to protest an illegal immigration bill pending in Congress, that our Government could care less that they are here.

So the question has to be asked: When did illegal quit meaning illegal? Where I come from, illegal means that a person cannot do a particular offense because we have laws established which prevent a person from doing said offense. If a person breaks the law, therefore doing something illegal, then that person is to be held accountable for their actions. The consequences of doing something illegal is punishment, which could be a fine, imprisonment, work detail or, as in the case of illegal immigration, deportation back to the country of origin.

After 9/11, you would think that our Government would consider controlling our borders with an outpouring of more border patrol agents. That it has taken 4 1/2 years before considering what needs to be done is shameful. That time should have been spent planning, building and doing whatever is neccessary to control who enters our land. Instead, we plainly see that our so-called "leaders" have twiddled their thumbs, outsourced our jobs, broke the backs of the middle class, took our economy into soaring deficits, sent millions more into poverty, opened the borders for the Mexicans, enriched the corporate world and gave the upper 1% of Americans the largest tax break in history.

While watching the protestors Friday, one thing popped into my head: Where was ICE while this was going on? Why wasn't the National Guard called in to block all exits of escape and these illegals rounded up for deportation? The lack of participation on our Governments part further demonstrates cracking down on illegal immigrants is not the highest priority on their list.

The "soap opera" in Washington continues to play the same song like a broken record. Come November, any member of Congress who willingly opens our borders and lets the illegality to continue should be voted out of office. Only vote for those who will provide security for our country and stop this madness into office. It is time for change, and it starts with us.


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