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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Does Illegal Mean Illegal Anymore?

The fight over immigration is heating up in Washington. The Republican party is torn between backing their Snicker Bush and winning votes come election time. Now, the Democrats have joined in. The realization that comes with 5 years of doing absolutely nothing together towards inclusion seems far-fetched, but it is happening.

So what does this mean for us? For one, both sides, including Snicker Bush, want an amnesty program in effect so that the illegal immigrants who are already in America can continue to take American jobs and make those that hire the illegal workers a little more richer. The evidence is clear. Look at any construction site, lawncare company, poultry plants, and you will see the picture perfectly.

The media showed us on Friday, when hundreds of thousands of illegal and legal immigrants took to the streets to protest an illegal immigration bill pending in Congress, that our Government could care less that they are here.

So the question has to be asked: When did illegal quit meaning illegal? Where I come from, illegal means that a person cannot do a particular offense because we have laws established which prevent a person from doing said offense. If a person breaks the law, therefore doing something illegal, then that person is to be held accountable for their actions. The consequences of doing something illegal is punishment, which could be a fine, imprisonment, work detail or, as in the case of illegal immigration, deportation back to the country of origin.

After 9/11, you would think that our Government would consider controlling our borders with an outpouring of more border patrol agents. That it has taken 4 1/2 years before considering what needs to be done is shameful. That time should have been spent planning, building and doing whatever is neccessary to control who enters our land. Instead, we plainly see that our so-called "leaders" have twiddled their thumbs, outsourced our jobs, broke the backs of the middle class, took our economy into soaring deficits, sent millions more into poverty, opened the borders for the Mexicans, enriched the corporate world and gave the upper 1% of Americans the largest tax break in history.

While watching the protestors Friday, one thing popped into my head: Where was ICE while this was going on? Why wasn't the National Guard called in to block all exits of escape and these illegals rounded up for deportation? The lack of participation on our Governments part further demonstrates cracking down on illegal immigrants is not the highest priority on their list.

The "soap opera" in Washington continues to play the same song like a broken record. Come November, any member of Congress who willingly opens our borders and lets the illegality to continue should be voted out of office. Only vote for those who will provide security for our country and stop this madness into office. It is time for change, and it starts with us.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Oops.... I Did It Again

A common ailment that is treatable, is the ever-deadly foot-in-mouth disease. Some have found that a few behavioral changes will decrease the amount of times we find our sneakers being latched onto by our teeth. It is rather embarrassing to go around in public this way, so one would think that everyone could find the antidote. Not so for some.

When I need a laugh, I need to look no further than watching Snicker Bush try to put a sentence together. Since he was selected to be our President, thanks to PaPa Bush and his friends on the Supreme Court, we have had the chance to listen to many foul-ups by this man. It is a continuous beep on the Laughometer.

I'm sure we all have, at one time or another, had the embarrassment of saying some strange or maybe ugly comments to someone. Things that you wonder to yourself afterwards as to how such a thing could possibly come out of your mouth. I know I have, plenty of times. The most common way to put your foot in your mouth is to speak before you think. Not having a clue what you are about to say usually leads to a highly incoherent sentence. Enter Snicker Bush.

Snicker Bush doesn't have the mental fortitude to say anything meaningful. I mean, come on man, he has an IQ in the 80's. And yet people who fell for his Holy Righteousness, a uniter not a divider type attitude, overlooked the fact that he lacks brain power. When God was handing out brains, Snicker Bush thought he said trains, and apparently he missed it. What a shame.

Snicker Bush could have done something good with his life. Unfortunately, he chose the road to screw-up everything he touched. Busted oil companies. Shady business deals. Insider trading. Buddies with Saudi terrorists. The list goes on and on. There are so many that it would take many pages to fit it all in.

In closing, a few words of advice for Snicker Bush. You need to start reading books instead of looking at the pictures. Pickup a dictionary and learn a new word everyday. Catch up on the latest news facts rather than the fake speeches someone writes for you. Most of all, THINK before you speak. This will sharply decrease the idiocy we hear from you daily.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Endless Circle

Proof that this Congress has no problem with spending money it doesn't have was laid before us on Friday. Republicans pushed through yet another bill which raises the debt limit. Raising the cap on this limit has been raised twice by this Congress, which is an extraordinary feat in itself. Never before in our history has this been done by any Congress.

Spending is one thing. Spending without the funds available, all the while pushing tax-cuts for the wealthy and cutting the funds for needed services such as Medicare and childrens services is downright idiotic. Republicans have shown they have no intestinal fortitude to curb their wreckless habits of throwing money to the wind.

The ones who lose are the normal taxpayers such as you and I. What we see is an all-out war against the Middle Class and the poor. The ones who can least afford any cuts in services are exactly the ones getting hammered. The Republican Party has lost its ways. We clearly see that corporate interest trumps ordinary people, and for this, Republicans will pay dearly come November at the polls.

People in the US have tired of seeing the harm this Congress and the President have caused. The Snicker Bush's numbers are at an all-time low, with only 36% approving of the job he is doing. That is according to one poll. Another poll shows him doing worse, with only a 33 % approval rating. I took a poll in my household. Bush, nor Congress, fared very well, with a 100% disapproval rating. Not good for them.

So what will happen next? Ultimately the Democrats will takeover both houses of Congress this year, as Conservatives have jumped ship. What will follow is anybody's guess, but one thing is sure: Taxes will have to be raised to offset the terrible shape our economic future will be in. This is the way our Government has to work. It always happens. It is an endless circle we have become accustomed to seeing. Republicans play stupid with the money, Democrats come behind them to sweepup the mess.

During this "war on terror", we have not been asked to sacrifice a single thing, which by most standards, we would gladly do. This administration, and Congress, have sacrificed alot. They have sacrificed our national security, sacrificed our economy, sacrificed our standing in the world and most disgusting of all, they have sacrificed the lives of our military and the poor. So, we will forever be stuck inside the walls of this circle, unless WE do something about it. Come November, vote with your heart. If you like where we are headed into the future, and don't mind passing the debt onto your kids and grandkids, by all means, vote Republican. If you want change, a brighter future for everyone, and a fix to the madness, then you need look no further than the Democratic Party. I know I am looking forward to the good days ahead.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Snicker Bush

I am totally perplexed over the recent news reports. Here we have a Republican Party, which has guaranteed a rubberstamp for every piece of legislation that has came out of the White House. For 5 years, since the inaugaration of Snicker Bush and his cohorts in crime, not one time has he vetoed a bill. This, after spending like no other Congress has ever done. The highest deficits that my kids and grandkids will have to pay for. Why then, did the Snicker Bush decide to make the ports scandal one of his first veto threats?

There was more to it than what we were fed, there has to be. What could Bush and crew be up to? Of course we can only speculate now, since we will never know the truth. So, let's look at the deal with speculative facts.
1) The UAE is a country that supports the Taliban, and recognizes them as a legitimate Government.
2) The UAE has funnelled money to terrorists organizations such as Hamas, the Taliban, and quite possibly
Al Quada.
3) Two of the hijackers involved with the horrific events of 9/11 came from the UAE.

I am not the brightest person in the world, but I see a conflict here. From what we have been told, we are at
"war with terror." That being the case, why would we want a country such as the UAE to have anything to do with our ports, where there is already absolutely no security in the first place? I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but could it be Snicker Bush wanted another 9/11 to happen, with the help of the UAE, to further bolster his dismal ratings? So he could be the "master security man" of our nation?

The Senate finally through away the rubberstamp yesterday, and handed Bush a fatal blow to the head. For once, the Republican lead Senate strayed into unknown waters, and voted unanimously to kill the deal in its tracks. Hallelujah and Ring The Bells! But, I sense something sinister (say that fast three times) a happening. This is nothing more than politics being played out. This is an election year, so what better time to actually do something the American People were screaming foul about. The Republicans are in serious jeopardy of losing alot of seats this year to the Democrats. America has taken all it can take of the Republican stronghold that has been the case for the past five years.

They had a shot at bringing forth legislation that would strengthen the USA. They had control of the White House, Congress and the Senate. Instead of bringing us together, as we were after 9/11, they chose to drift further and further apart from mainstream, and now it is time to pay. What happened with Snicker Bush's claim that " I am a uniter, not a divider"? We are farther apart now than at anytime in recent history, and it is getting worse.

I can honestly say that I got utter enjoyment watching Snicker Bush walking with his tail between his legs yesterday after the brutal beating he took. Take a good look at him. No longer does he stand with his nose in the air like he is the stuff. His swagger is turning to stagger. The Secret Service might as well put a pillow on the podium when he speaks, cause he looks as though he wants to take a nap. Presidency ain't so fun, is it Snicker Bush?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bummer of a Day

Sometimes, we take life for granted. We all think we will live forever, but know we won't. Therefore, I am at a crossroads today. An uncle of mine, who has been in the hospital for a couple of weeks now, will be taken off of life support today. He originally went in for an upper GI test, in which he had to swallow barium. The barium somehow went into his lungs as he got choked on it. From there, he went downhill.

The doctors and nurses worked feverishly on him, and aspirated the barium from his lungs. What they subsequently found out was that he had gallstones, and his pancreas was about to explode. His temperature had reached an astonishing 105 degrees, and that alone pretty much set his other organs into dormancy.

His kidneys stopped functioning properly, so dialyses was ordered. It didn't work out so well. His lungs quit working on their own, so he was put on life support. They tried to ween him off the ventilator, but each time they did, his body was not strong enough to support itself. His body weight when he went into the hospital was 180 lbs., but since he has retained so much fluid, he now weighs 290 lbs.

To take him off the life support was a gut-wrenching decision my aunt had to make. The doctors' pretty much said they have done all they can do. They had just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last November, and they both looked so happy together. They like to travel around the US and campout in their home-on-wheels (I'm not kidding, this thing is huge), and enjoy each others company.

So, today I am saddened by what could be the loss of a very close uncle, who has meant alot to me over the years. Him and my aunt were not lucky enough to produce children of their own, so they adopted two children, who have grown into wonderful adults. They each have their families now, and I know this will hurt them more than anything they have been through. So, I will pray a little prayer for them, in the hopes that they will be able to come to terms with what is going on, and give them strength to make it through it. I also pray that my uncle will somehow pull out of this and be okay.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dubai Or Not Dubai?

Here we go again. Distractions one after the other to spin away from the pressing problems the Bush Regime is having on a daily basis. Only now, we are seeing it used more and more. Why? Because this administration has ran out of so-called "political capital" which they thought was acquired after the rigged 2004 elections.

Every move this "president" makes brings on the revelations that show just how incompetent this administration is. CIA leak, spun around to reorganizing Social Security. When this didn't go over well with America, it was back to the "War on Terror", which by all accounts, is pretty much in the toilet because of poor planning. But, the culprits in the WH merry-go-rounded it to throw blinders over the sheep and force them to believe that all was well.

Along comes the Jack Abramhoff scandal, which has turned into a political fiasco, bringing with it a few disgraced Republicans that will forever be shunned from politics. But wait, this is bad news. They can't allow the media to stick on this story. This would mean bad press for them. Hey, let's try feeding the masses a few lies about how well we did with the Hurricane Katrina debacle. Oops, they found the video that shows that we indeed knew about the levees could possibly be breeched. Lie some more, this has become common practice with this administration.

Well, they tried to sneak the sale of our ports to a foreign country, a Government that actually supports terror by funneling money to terrorists and allows transfers of cargo containing parts to nuclear armament. Absolutely brilliant, Mr. Bush! Gee, we are so lucky to have a President that cares so much for its own citizens! But it doesn't stop there. NO, now he wants full authority to line item veto spending bills chocked full of "pork barrell funds" for every state. Having not vetoed one single spending bill in his 5 years as President, why start now? He had plenty of chances before now to curb spending, yet he chose to turn a blind-eye and let this Republican led Congress to send our deficits ballooning into oblivion.

What is on the horizon we don't know. This secretive White House will not succumb to pressure from the outside (meaning you and I), and will try to get away with just about anything. It is up to us, the VOTERS, to rid Washington DC of this cloud of secrecy. Sure, they can't be re-elected (Thank God), but the I word is being used more these days. I stands for Impeachment, which this administration is deserving of. Repeat to yourself, " I will, with all my power, take a stand against this administration, and get involved to demand Impeachment of George W. Bush and Richard "Dick" Cheney." The World will thank us for it!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

What Is Going On?

In my haste to decipher all the news, I feel it is time to let the feelings that have cluttered my brain be known. Being a news and C-Span junkie, the thoughts on Americans minds are real, as are mine. Debating the issues becomes useless if we all agree on the same thing, so I have decided to conduct myself accordingly, and put my words where my mouth (or fingers ) are.

I make no bones about it: I highly detest the Bush Administration. In my opinion, they have been the most corrupt, power-hungry, misleading bunch of fools that have raped the American way of life. From tax cuts for the upper one percent of Americans to the latest news of bypassing procedure and allowing a foreign country to takeover 6 ports on our shores, truly shows the incompetence that fifty-one percent of Americans supposedly voted for.

I say supposedly voted for because there is ample proof of voter irregularities and voting machines with no paper trail to backup a recount vote. We have been enslaved to the comforting words of "trust us", as if we are to believe anything the Bush says. I don't buy into it, but there are so many sheep that follow the leader, and they are blinded by looking at the same view. I choose to think for myself, and make up my own mind.

I guess you could say I am a rebel. Authority has never meant much to me. It is totally seperate from respect for one. Thinking about this, I am reminded of a great song by John Cougar Mellencamp, in which he states " When I fight authority, authority always wins." His words ring true. Authority will always win if we allow it to happen. But, who is to say authority is always right? There have been numerous times during the past 5 years when authority has not been right, nor have we been told the truth. In this case, respect for authority has been blown out of the water. I do not respect liars, bullies, or rubberstampers.

So, where do we go from here? Why do we allow authority to rule our lives as if we needed baby-sat everyday of our lives? People, we must live our own lives, believe in what we believe in, and break this curse of our Government intruding into our daily lives. We are not under the spell of Dictators yet, but if things continue down the path they are headed, that may very well be the outcome. We must NOT allow that to happen! Take a stand! Control your destiny!........ Good Day.