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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Where I Stand

Being my first posting on Blogspot, I thought you should get to know me. Understanding how a person thinks, getting to know their particular quirks, what sets them off, or what makes them happy is very important to obtaining the readers attention. You might be bored already, and thinking "this is just another beginner in a jungle of many bloggers", and to a degree, you are right. I have never claimed to be a professional anything.

Just like you, I have thoughts about where we are headed to in this world. Wars, hatred, the political scene, random acts of kindness: they all add to the very scope of nature in which we live. We choose for ourselves how we want to be perceived in this world. Some choose to do good, some choose bad. That is okay.

One thing that was a trait of mine while growing up, was to hide my feelings about everything. No one knew how fast the wheels in my head were spinning. For me to make a sound decision was unheard of, and as a result, alot of mistakes were made. As I have gotten much older, I look back on those days and wonder to myself if only I had done things differently, where would I be right now. Whould I have went to college? Would I have a job paying much more than what I presently receive? Would I still have met my wife and have the two wonderful kids I helped in creating? Who knows.

I do know this though:
1) I have a profound discontent for our President.
2) I still love my wife after 18 years of marriage.
3) I love my teenage children.
4) Nascar is my passion and my favorite sport.
5) I am disabled and receiving no compensation for my injury.
6) I have a lot to live for, even through the difficult times.
7) I gain knowledge through reading, and writing my thoughts relieves stress.
8) I say what is on my mind.
9) I am honest with everyone.
10) I will let you know when I disagree with you.

Lessons learned, Life lived. This is what has taught me the most. For that I am forever greatful. There will be more to come in the future, and I look forward to getting to know each of you through your writings. For now, take care.


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